There Was Hollan(for)daise

They’re three of the most recognizable faces in Rochester and a breakfast staple in my mind. On top of having great food, Brothers has a “small-town, at-home” feel to it every time I’m there.

This time, I noticed something I hadn’t in the past. Right here, in Rochester, MINNESOTA, there is an entire wall dedicated to the Nebraska Cornhuskers. I’m not sure how I didn’t know this, considering Brothers calls itself the “Southeast Minnesota Nebraska Headquarters” on its website.

Now, I did say this was only going to be a positive blog, so I won’t even partake in friendly trash talk. I was also more pleased once I looked around and noticed plenty of Minnesota sports memorabilia as well. Honestly, I will give them mad props for owning what they love despite being in enemy territory. But I digress…

As I scanned the menu trying to find something to eat, I was looking for a more healthy option (it wasn’t cheat day when I went). This meant I couldn’t get my favorite item on the menu, the corned beef omelette. I highly recommend trying this if you like corned beef.

Finally, I landed on the country omelette. Besides the egg, this omelette only had 4 ingredients listed and one of them was tomatoes. I was unsure, however, because it also had turkey in the omelette. Every time I’ve tried to make an omelette with turkey at home, I wasn’t very pleased with the outcome. But at Brothers, I was taking a chance because it’s a place I trust.

The third ingredient in this omelette was bacon; bacon is good on everything. I even went with the egg beaters option instead of actual eggs to save a few calories. Side note, what an AWESOME option to have on the menu. Bravo Brothers.

Now on to the final ingredient in the country omelette. I soon realized I may have made a mistake when it comes to counting calories. You probably already gathered from the title of this blog, that fourth ingredient was hollandaise sauce. Don’t get me wrong, I love hollandaise. Eggs Benedict is one of my favorite breakfast items of all time. I just didn’t know how many calories were in it. Go ahead, look it up…..

It’s a lot, right? But totally worth it if you ask me.

When the food arrived, it almost turned into a comedy show. The country omelette is SMOTHERED in hollandaise. Again, that’s a very, VERY good thing in my opinion, just not for calorie counting. I do want to note, this was completely my own mistake, the ratio of hollandaise to omelette is definitely appropriate. Brothers nailed it.

After the people I was with enjoyed a hearty giggle with me, I decided I could still eat the omelette and not eat all of the hollandaise. I took my first bite and I instantly realized Brothers had accomplished something I never had. Turkey in this omelette was incredible. I could still taste the bacon, and it complemented the turkey. The tomatoes were literally the icing on the cake. Even with the rest of the cooked food, the tomatoes added great color and freshness to the dish. I will admit, the star of the dish is the hollandaise. It was like the sour cream on a taco, or parmesan on spaghetti. Would the omelette have been fine without it? Sure. But the sauce added a taste and texture that brought the breakfast to a new level.

Even though I’m counting calories for most of the week, this trip to Brothers ended the same as all of my previous blogs. With an empty plate. I ate the entire thing, minus a good deal of hollandaise. It tasted too good for leftovers. Besides, my wife had leftovers and nine times out of ten, I get to eat those later anyway (in this case, I got to eat it a couple days later…score).

If you’re looking for a place in the big city that still feels like home, with great people, a great atmosphere, and a solid breakfast (or lunch or dinner), look no further than Brothers. An A+ place in my opinion. My only regret is not using all of the hollandaise.

Be happy, eat happy, and remember the good in everything you consume.


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