Here We Go

Anxious. It’s the only way to describe how I felt as I walked through the entrance. There were more people in the crowd than I anticipated, their chatter bouncing off the walls so intensely it was like sirens coming at me from every direction. Step, step, step. We’re moving at a crawl, but slowly I get closer and closer to the only reason I even showed up on this cool, crisp, fall weekend. It seems like an hour goes by, but I look at my watch and it had been just eight minutes. Could it be? Just eight minutes? My heart rate increases as, finally, I approach the pinnacle, the climax of my own movie on this day. I take a deep breath and wait silently until I hear my calling, “Would you like a burrito or bowl?” An angel has come to my rescue and finally it’s my turn.

Man, that burrito was great. As I recall my lunch trip that day, I could focus on a bunch of different things. The incredible smell of meats and salsas, the insanely big crowd, the noise, the speed of service. But my biggest and strongest memory from that day is how absolutely incredible the burrito tasted. I can almost guarantee I inhaled the food in less time than it took me to order it, the corners of my lips burning as my stomach tries to no avail to keep up with my mouth and hands, I digress (which happens often when speaking of food).

My inspiration to begin this blog is due to moments like that in my life, where I look back and remember what I truly enjoyed about any particular restaurant experience. I see so many reviews today, whether it’s for a product, restaurant, person, or anything that are negative in so many ways. It’s almost as though the fingers move to and through the keyboard faster when a person is upset or dissatisfied.

This blog is going to be the complete opposite. I want to focus only on the positive of my restaurant and food-related experiences. Since I live in the Rochester, Minnesota area my writing will focus mostly on southeast Minnesota. Will there be negative parts of my trip or experience? Absolutely. But everyone makes mistakes, everyone has a bad day, everyone has little hiccups. Why should one small hair in my fries, or delivering of food five minutes after I feel like I should have had it define a restaurant? I’m a firm believer that any person can find at least one positive thing to recall from every restaurant trip they’ve ever made. Maybe the food was sub-par, but the ambiance was great. Maybe the service was slow, but my server was super friendly. Or–back to the introduction–the place was overcrowded and loud, but man, that burrito was great. This introduction blog is going to be the last time you’ll see even the suggestion of something negative at a restaurant I attend. I’m only going to write about the positive things at every place I go, because the people who work hard and make it their living to serve the rest of us deserve it.

Here’s the thing, it’s not going to be a daily blog, or weekly blog, or monthly blog per se. Rather, there will just be blog entries any time I get the chance to go out to eat, from the hot spot at a gas station to the fanciest of restaurants. Spoiler, it’s not going to be extremely often because, quite honestly, I’m too poor for that (money, right?). But when I do, you can expect to read a lot of great things about the establishments in and around Rochester.

I hope you enjoy reading about my experiences as much as I love experiencing them. For now, be happy, eat happy, and remember the good in everything you consume.



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